Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Keiger, Keiger, Keiger

So things are a little different here in Taos. There are all sorts. I was having lunch with some friends on Friday, and we got to talking about nutrition and how much we’ve learned about food since we’ve come to Taos because there are some very health-conscious people here. Anyway, these gals started talking about food stuff that I had never heard of before so now I am totally paranoid about all the hydrogenated oils I’ve been feeding my kids, because apparently they are very bad for you. And to top it off, the next day I find Keiger with all this white stuff oozing out of his mouth and discover that he’s eating clay. Wonderful. Oh, Keiger. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with this kid. Lately, he has discovered climbing. It’s so not a good thing. I was doing dishes the other day and turn around to see him on top of the kitchen table playing with markers. Then one morning as I was getting out of the shower, I hear this huge crash and Sage comes trotting into the bathroom to tell me Keiger had fallen. He had climbed up on the computer desk and fallen down while trying to reach the phone. He brought the laptop and the phone down with him. You’d think all this falling would deter him, but he’s relentless. So if you happen to stop by the house and see all the chairs turned upside down, you’ll know why. I’m just trying to protect our crazy, but lovable Keiger.
Oh, and on President's Day we went for a hike on the Pueblo River a tributary to the Rio Grande. Keiger actually "hiked" half of it himself - about 1/2 mile. He would have nothing to do with the backpack until he got tired. It was a cool but beautiful day.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jane Austen Fun

Ok, so I found this quiz from the Call's blog. It is hilarious. Jake thinks it's ridiculous and rolled his eyes the whole time I did it (deep down he thought it was funny). Anyway, don't ask me how I ended up as Lizzie. Must be the bright eyes and brilliant teeth. You Austen fans better give it a go.

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

Monday, February 11, 2008

More snow

The kids and I finally made it back to Taos last week. It took us two full days of driving because of the snowy roads. We’re glad to have made it. Thanks, Dad for bringing us. It snowed a couple of days earlier this week and all the schools and public stuff closed. Even Jake got the day off, so we spent the afternoon starting seeds for flowers we want to plant in the yard this spring. Our little bathroom has been converted into a toasty warm greenhouse. It’s funny to think about landscaping and flowers when it’s still cold out.
Sage has been on a Valentine-making frenzy ever since last Saturday when we went to a Valentine workshop at her favorite art museum.
Keiger is such a goof. He is having some serious sharing issues with his sister (toys, attention, or anything really). He’s such a little squealer! (Hence the girly, but cute picture) We’re a little worried that he’s starting to act this way already. But how do you teach a one year-old to share? It’s pretty funny. Keiger has also been in to book more lately. Here is a picture that I just had to take with everyone doing there bedtime reading.
We got to go skiing again to Sipapu. That is where I (Jacob) tried to fly through the trees, but this time Morgan had some fun and had a good enough wreck that she had a yard sale (lost skis and poles). I missed it, which is unfortunate because she doesn’t crash often; in fact that was the first crash since our marriage. (Morgan has come in and told me I need to explain that she hasn’t crash because she is such a “beautiful skier” – OK, I consent.
Anyway here is a better picture of the Latir Wilderness from the west side of the Rio Grande.