Monday, June 28, 2010


Jake had another half marathon trail run a couple o’ weeks ago in Pagaso Springs, CO so we made a camping trip out of it. The kids had a blast. Amazing how quickly they can get filthy! Jake did well in the race, finishing 4th, a bit behind Brad, who got 3rd. Seriously, they make this look too easy.

Williams Lake

We took a hike up to Williams Lake last weekend. It turned into an entire day trip we had so much fun. The weather is so much cooler up there, and the kids could have played forever by the water. Finn loved being in the back-pack. Surprising, I know, but he thought it was the best to be in there as long as he could find something to suck on. Sage also made friends with the Camp Robbers. Maybe she really will be a vet someday.
Wheeler Peak - highest peak in New Mexico 13,161

Bless his little heart. Keiger came running out into the garage the other day to help me bring in the groceries, and he stumbled and fell, smacking his nose into the edge of the toolbox—so he has been sporting two black eyes for the past 2 weeks. They’ve gone from black, to purple, to greenish, to yellowish. Now it’s nearly gone, but I’m used to people staring at him and then whispering to me, “What happened to Keiger?” We forgot to get a picture when it really looked "good."

Can I tell you how much I love summer? I am having so much fun just being able to be at home without worry over getting to and from school at certain times. We are so mellow and loving it. Jacob’s soccer league has begun again, the garden’s going good, the library’s summer reading program is in full swing (Sage is totally into it), the plastic pool’s up in the backyard, and I’m usually am not even ready for the day until 11 or so. Life is good. We have time to just play.

Friends invited us and the other young families in the ward over to their ranch. Horses, chickens, four-wheelers, dirt, and “root-beerd.” Hmm…I think the kids had fun.