Monday, March 31, 2008

Got wussy kids???

Oh, where to begin? This has been an eventful week. First of all…Easter. This cute little nursery in town put on a darling Easter activity. The kids were able to plant seeds in egg cartons (biodegradable so you can just pop them in the soil-what a clever idea) and dye eggs in dye made from veggies (the beets worked best for a bright pink). There was also an egg hunt for gladiolus bulbs, and Sage got her face painted. She was very proud.
Easter was really nice. We had Easter dinner with the Bishop’s whole family. No pig’s feet this time, just the traditional ham, but there were tamales. We had dinner with friends earlier in the week and played the candy bar game. It was fun, but nothing like the Moscow tradition. The game was a bit too friendly.
Spring has come quickly to Taos. We’ve been outside working in the yard quite a bit. Jacob is slaving away, still moving rock to create his visionary flower bed in the front yard. It should be really something. And we got a garden plot cleared in the back, and a nice little spot for wildflowers. I’m quite excited to plant in a few weeks. I wish we had taken before and after pictures of this yard. It has undergone a big transformation. Just having the grass makes it look so much nicer. I think the kids are sick of going outside because they know we’re just going to weed something or move rock.

Friday was free skiing day at Angel Fire for NM residents, so I went up for the afternoon while Jake watched the kids (good man). It was definitely spring skiing, slushy and warm, but free! Good times. Jacob said that while I was gone, he asked Sage what she wanted to do. She replied, “Oh, whatever I want to….What are my options?” That girl. The other day, she was tying a rope from one of her bikes to a tricycle so she could tow it. She said she was “translating” the tricycle. Maybe she meant “transporting,” but I really don’t know.

So yesterday, we had prepared everything to go the temple in Albuquerque and then stop in Sante Fe on the way home to go to the carousel for Sage. I had packed lunches, stuff to entertain the kids; we were ready. We had just driven out of town when we realized our recommends expired last month. That’s so like us, isn’t it? So we headed home and worked in the yard. Sage got to ride the teeny merry-go-round that takes quarters at the Youth & Family Center.
This picture needs a little explaining. Keiger has one of Sage’s paintbrushes that is covered in glitter glue and he’s smearing it in katsup and eating it. Tasty. I truly can’t believe Kei has not gotten sick more often because of all the crazy stuff he puts in his mouth.
Do you think you have wussy kids? Take our survey and find out.
1. Does your child sob uncontrollably when she receives a small scrape on her knee?
2. Does she then limp for the rest of the day?
3. Does she refuse to take a bath for fear that the water will hurt her scrape?
4. Do your kids freak out when they see the toy mule that is a part of a “Buckin’ Buckaroo” game?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Sage and Keiger are probably yours. Okay, so that really wasn’t that funny, but it’s true. Those kids would not set foot near that game once we opened. Kei started crying, and Sage said she was tired and headed for her room. I really thought we were going to have a great family fun game night. So, if anyone is interested in a Buckaroo game, give us a call. It’s really not that scary. Jake and I played a few rounds. And we really do love our kids, even though we make fun of them. They are really quite sweet.
And lastly, I have finally worked myself up to starting a book club in the ward. I don’t know why it takes me so long to do stuff I want to do. Anyway, I’m up for any suggestions on good reads.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Fun Stuff

Fun things have happened lately. There was an Easter egg hunt in the swimming pool last week. Sage was sooo excited to go. She didn’t even mind that she had to take a shower before she got in the pool. She said she could “handle it.” Anyway, all these little kids sat around the kiddie pool while the lifeguards dumped eggs into the water. Then the kids went for it. It was great. Sage had such a good time, and she loved all the prizes she got in her eggs. Most of all, though, she loved the eggs and spent an entire day (I’m not kidding) painting them. She is such an artist. The other day she colored from 7am till noon when she finally got dressed, went to the bathroom, and brushed teeth. She’s quite proud of all the coloring books she has filled. You should have seen her eyes boggle when she saw the mega pack of 96 crayons that my mom got her. She’s been coloring ever since. Her favorite colors are asparagus (even though that one broke in half, but “that’s ok” as Sage says) and macaroni and cheese.
My parents came to visit last week. My dad was anxious to install a new door into our garage. He likes his projects. Keiger was fascinated by it all. He loved hanging out by the door as Grandpa was working. He even brought his little toy hammer over and started to pound. It was really cute; I wish I had gotten a picture. Kei is pretty funny. Lately, he’s big into wearing shoes…anyone’s. As soon as he gets some on, he thinks it’s time to head out to play. He’s also really into playing with Sage’s Polly Pocket toys. He hides them all over the house.
Speaking of cute, it was our turn for preschool last week and Sage wanted to have a tea party, so I tried to make it real fancy. I pulled out Sage’s little play table, put it in the kitchen, then left the room for something. When I looked back in the kitchen, Keiger had gone into Sage’s room, taken out her play dishes, brought them into the kitchen, and set the table! He was ready! The girls dressed in fancy dresses for the tea party. The Jello was the hit. Even Keiger sat at a chair at the table and ate. You could only see the top half of his face poke above the table, but he was loving it. He’s such an observant little guy. Too smart. Anyway, the girls decorated lion and lamb cupcakes (I’m such a bad sugar influence!). I thought they turned out so cute, I had to take a picture. What would we do without Family Fun? They also had fun making shamrock wands and leprechaun finger puppets. Good times. I’m bummed that Sage will lose her preschool friends to kindergarten next fall. I’ve been looking into preschools around here, but they are all super expensive, so I’m trying to work up the energy to start a co-op or something. I’m sure something will work out over the summer.

It was very nice to have my parents here, and it’s always a weird couple of days after they leave to get used to being on our own again. My dad and I did get to ski one afternoon. We went over to Angel Fire Resort, which was really nice--big, wide runs. I think it’s my favorite place to ski of all the places we’ve tried up here this year. And my dad can still ski. He really is a beautiful skier. I tried to learn some more from him.

I am so happy we’ve been able to ski this year. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it, since we really haven’t been able to ski that often since we’ve been married. So I’m grateful we’ve had some chances to ski mountains that are so close. I think one of the best things for me about moving here has been that we’ve gotten outside so much more. We have some friends here who are bit older than us with 3 kids that have taught me that just because you’re married and have kids, doesn’t mean you can’t make time and create opportunities to do the things you enjoy. So I’m thankful Jake and I have been able to take a couple of hours and go cross-country skiing or that we have all these fun trails to explore with the kids. It’s really fun, although everything is a bit muddy right now. Taos turns to mud in the spring. It’s pretty funny. Even the local newspaper is running a competition for readers to photograph the biggest pothole in the county. There are some real doozies.
Jacob's 2 cents - I went to the Sabinoso Wilderness Study Area to look at an allotment. That place is really neat, two huge canyons. This one is the Mora River canyon

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sunny days...

We haven’t done much these past weeks, but this past weekend we were lulled into a sense of spring when Saturday was 61 degrees! It was beautiful, not to mention that Thursday and Friday were in the mid 50s as well. Needless to say we took full advantage and went to the park. We really enjoyed ourselves. Sage and Keiger both enjoyed the swings, Sage more so. Keiger has this feeling that when the shoes go on and we leave the house that means that he gets to wander. So, Keiger spent much of his time exploring anything and everywhere.
Sage’s preschool last week was focused around princesses so we had to make an ‘enchanted castle,’ lights and all. And not to mention the dance ribbon that must accompany this castle. She had a good evening.

Keiger had a first this week also – painting, with a paintbrush. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Don’t paint what?

Oh, and Sunday we got to drive to Santa Fe for our Stake conference. When we arrived back in Taos we were reminded what season it really is…winter…and we love it.