Sunday, October 12, 2008

Random Chicken Stories

Honestly, I think it is so funny. Whenever we start to write a post, we have to ask, "What have we done lately?" Jacob: "Uh, I don't know." I love it. That's our life. Really, though, we've been pretty busy lately. We're trying to enjoy the fall while it lasts. The mountains got their first bit of snow last week! We took a hike up Ski Valley last Monday for FHE. And we finally finished up the canning yesterday. Lots of yummy applesauce and salsa. Wendy seriously has the tastiest salsa recipe. General Conference weekend was wonderful--our family just played happily together, and Jake and I thought, "So this is what it must be like to have harmony in your home." Then Monday came. At least we know what to work for. It must be all the football books. Kei has been reading a lot of football books lately (it's great to hear him say 'quar...ter...back'), so our kids are a little obsessed with tackling. Sage wants to be the linebacker so she can do all the tackles. I'm in the kitchen the other day while the kids were out back playing. I see Sage stumble up to the screen door window, lugging the chicken in her arms. She yells, "This chicken is heavy!" But that didn't stop her. I then watch her take the chicken with her down the slide and tote it all over the yard. No wonder the poor animal has yet to lay an egg. She's seriously stressed with this 4 year old chasing her around all day. Sage does love her, though. This weekend, she has been consumed with birthday party plans for Chicky. Apparently, tomorrow is Chicky's birthday, so Sage has made chickens out of paper plates and salt dough to decorate with and little signs that say "Happy Birthday" written on a birthday cake. Even today in Primary Sage stood up and told everyone that tomorrow is Chicky's birthday and she is having a party at 1:30. That was news to me. Oh, the fun we have in Primary. Honestly, though, I love it in there and am so excited for the sacrament program coming up. One other chicken story. Sage has been lugging around these little chicks she made out of cotton balls so many months ago (she just discovered them in a the bottom of a pair of tights a couple days ago). Anyway, she had them with her on our latest trip to Walmart and lost one while we were in the store. I refused to go back through the store looking for it and all the while Sage was lamenting, "But what if we come back and find that the chick has been run over by a cart! We can't let a cart run it over!" Sage was so full of despair, I almost felt a bit sorry for the chick myself too. But we still didn't go back. So enough with the chicken stories. And yes, Sage still wants to be Jupiter for Halloween. Any ideas on how to create that costume?