Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekly update

Sage and Keiger have been sick this week. Sage has a cold and Keiger has gone through A LOT of diapers. Fun. We went to a family in the ward for dinner and Keiger puked on Jacob several times. It was great. Wish we had a picture. Hopefully, the kids get well since we have preschool here this week and we are going with Jacob to Albuquerque to play while he goes to one of his trainings.

Sage continues to love preschool with her two little friends from the ward. They are both already four, so Sage is definitely the youngest and acts like it in a cute way. It is really sweet to see her shout things like, “Hip hip hooray!” when one of her friends accomplishes even the smallest task. She also has been so excited to create pictures for all of her cousins and her grandparents. As soon as we get stamps, I’ve promised her I’ll mail them. This girl goes through so much glue and tape it’s crazy. She’s really into Angelina Ballerina books right now, and she has decided to be a princess for Halloween. We had a pink princess dress for her, but she’s worn it around so much that it is pretty frayed.

Keiger has actually been pleasantly mellow since he’s been sick. He will sit still and let you read books to him, and since he doesn’t have much appetite, the kitchen has become a much quieter place. He has become so communicative as late. He loves to wave, clap, rub his hands, play peek-a-boo, share, and, of course, follow Sage around. His favorite word is, “ooh.” It’s his exploring word and his “look what I found” word.

I am staying pretty busy. Storytime is a bit time-consuming, but so fun. I know it is cheesy, but Dancing with the Stars has returned. I’m a bit into it. Sage asked if after Family Home Evening tomorrow night, we’d be able to watch Dancing with the Stars. Of course. Nursery is really fun for me, but I would love to hear any ideas on activities to do the kids. I’m having to get really creative. Oh, if you need something romantic to watch and you’re into Pride and Prejudice, I just watched North and South, done by the BBC. So good. Jacob said it was ok….but, he watched it. That says something. Actually, apparently it doesn’t. Jacob just said he watches everything.

Jacob continues to wake up early and putt around the house doing stuff before going to work. His latest project was to clean out the garage so we can park the car in it. Good thing too because we had our first snow today! We were able to find Jacob a nice, cheap pair of skis last week at a ski swap, so we’re excited for the season to come. Even Sage wants to learn to ski this year. This has been a wonderful autumn for us. We’ve really been able to get outside and enjoy how beautiful it is here. I’m still so impressed that there are so many hikes and neat places to play so close to home. And, best of all, we’ve had a backyard with grass and leaves to play in. We are all so grateful for that.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Elk Hunting

Due to some great generosity I was able to get an elk tag. It is only a five day hunt (and one day was Sunday), so I was in the woods for four days (THANK YOU, Morgan) but it was beautiful and thankfully I was able to put some meat in the freezer.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

What am I doing?

Well, I guess I am doing it - creating a blog. It is probably the best way for you family and friends to 'see' us and hear what we are up to. Morgan will probably do the writing and I will probably we will see how things go. - Jacob