Monday, February 9, 2009

Our fun

Ok- so it’s been a little bit since we’ve updated this blog. It hasn’t snowed for a while and the weather’s been warm—I was so hoping for spring! Then it snowed 4 inches today, and more to come this week! We were able to take a little trip to Arizona in January to see Justin and Maile’s family. Jake had actually been planning this for a while since he wanted to be able to hunt with Justin, and the kids and I were more than happy to go! The other day, Sage told me it must be warm in Arizona and that if she were in Arizona right then, she would probably be jumping on the trampoline with Kelai. It was a really fun trip.
So we have been on the hunt for a larger vehicle. And from the get-go, I have been adamant that I am not a mini-van person. I have the mini-van stigma. So we have been looking into the crossovers, which are very nice, but also pretty spendy. And, seriously, all this car shopping has been giving me such anxiety! I worry too much. Anyway, we finally did find a great deal on a very nice new car, but I figured the Prizm needed a little tribute. I’ve driven that car since high school, and it has been a great little car for us. As I was driving it over to the dealership to trade it in, I thought about all the crazy stuff we’ve driven it through, and I was almost sad to see it go…almost. I will miss the 38 miles per gallon though!

So we ended our search for the new Young family car by getting a….mini-van. Yep, a Town & Country….mini-van. I can hardly believe it myself. And no one who noticed the car at church today would let me forget it and told me to start slicing oranges for the soccer games. What can I say? We decided to just test drive the van simply because they were so much more affordable than the crossovers, and the van actually grew on me, especially after we figured the price. So I told Jake I’d be happy with the van since now we’re able to save enough for Disneyland so he doesn’t have any excuse for us not to go! And the kids think it’s so cool that we could all sleep in the big black car if we needed to! And through all of this crazy car stuff, we are really just grateful we were able to get a larger vehicle that will fit our family’s needs.
Jake and I had actually had a date night this past week—our first in a while! We decided to try our hand at homemade sushi rolls. I heard they could be pretty tricky, especially the rice, but things worked out pretty good. I was surprised. This is what we called our sushi burrito since it turned out so big!
So I got the family to help me make a volcano just for kicks. The kids were freaked out of it at first—can you see it in their eyes? It took them a while to figure out what on earth was going on when the thing started fizzing.
Sage had a tea party with some of her friends the other day. They had a great time—any excuse for cupcakes and Jello!