Monday, August 23, 2010

Finn's 1!

Happy 1st Birthday, Finneas! Finn celebrated his first birthday last Friday. Too bad he’s had a cold and has been a bit grumpy. The kids made him a great cake, we played some fun games outside, and Finn watched as Sage & Keiger opened his gifts for him. Of course, he enjoyed smearing his cake all over. Too fun. Finny is seriously such a goofy little guy, but he is so endearing that you can’t help but love him, especially us. Ever since he started to walk, he disappears into another room for a while and usually reappears with the toy stethoscope around his neck (he really likes that) or somebody’s toothbrush that he’s probably swirled around in the toilet a few times. We are all so grateful for Finn in the family.
School started last week, so it’s back to early bedtimes, lunch-packing, and new this year: homework! Sage loves 1st grade already and says it’s even better than kindergarten.

We did manage to squeeze in a little adventure on Saturday. We all packed into the truck and drove up past Red River on this narrow, bumpy, bumpy, bumpy, long dirt road to Goose Lake. The lake was pretty, but we hiked up above it to the ridge of the mountains where we could look down onto Taos Ski Valley. It was beautiful and at 12,000 feet, the highest the kids have ever been. It’s also where Jacob wants to do his deer hunting this year. So is that why we want on this hike?